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This blog exist in order to collect and share Reflections about the changes ongoing in our ever ongoing Industrial life. Some call it ”Industrial marketing management”. Or “Business delevopment and Entrepreneurship”. Others have called it ”Industrial Consequences of Changing in a Global world of Markets and Technology”. I am searching for patterns in change, ways to handle them, and future roads to success.

Al the possible headlines/titles above are ok to me – as long as it does not exclude stuff that happen to be of importance for industry (not always coming from pure industry). Good titles are difficult to create. The title of the blog is suggested when people have read the content here for a while and told what it actually is about. So I myself did not create it. In English it would be called something like ”Leading or being lead? – When business environment change”.

I try to run the blog on daily basis, meaning most often posting at least One-Reflection-Per-Day. It is challenging trying to find an important ”idea” per day and honestly speaking: I dont manage it. But the idea of it keeps me/us on my/our feet (and head). And when there is nothing more to say: I prefer to be quiet for a moment instead.

But the day I/we do not have any important ideas comming – I think I/we would be in big trouble. And definitely me personally since most parts of My working life is about developing, and utilizing, knowledge in this field. So blogging is actually also a possible tool to push/force myself/us thinking a little bit further. Posts are  presented in the form of “u” – as my interesting US-collegue ass prof Terrence Brown describes it.

The posts on the blog are mainly triggered by the daily flow of things happening around us, and stuff I/we serendipity upon, mainly with the help of an academic trying to be an academic but simoultaneously also working hands-on in the field of ”industrial management and particularly market oriented stuff”. Others claim me keeping the blog open being a marketing oriented guy. Myself have some difficulties sticking to heavy into ”titles” since I often find them narrowing issues of possible interest. But yes: I am a graduated MSc Engineer and have a PhD in Industrial Management with specialization in Marketing. I also happen to have been brought up in the field of Entrepreneurship and always been interested in what is happening around us – particularly politics. So in many cases I guess peoples opinion on me, and headlines suggested, seem to be rather correct. At least my friend Industrial Marketing professor Esmail Salehi-Sangari say so.

In many cases the postings is about gathering, collecting, creating and sharing ”second-opinions” on stuff that often seem ”final”. In some cases based on questions I, or a collegue of mine,, or maybe you, have been asked to answer. In other cases fruitful ground for new kind of reflections, actions, speeches, lectures, consultancy, research-projects, business ideas or what ever – for anyone to utilise for free. This is a ”Bank-Of-Thoughts” created in an open-source-environment, if clinging to a buzz-word of today. And who knows what can happen with ideas in future.

Until recently I was rather occupied as head of an academic institution called “Department for Industrial Economics and Management”, INDEK, at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden – a frutiful ground for collecting and developing these kinds of reflections. Now I spend my time between research, teaching, consulting, entrepreneurship etc – still at the Department.

Sorry to bring forward however: For being a native Swede I would say my English is fairly ok. Anyhow: my russian collegue Vladimir Kutcherov claim so. But. I am not that “quick” in written English that I myself would like, even though I am heavy training on it. Meaning: If I would be using English for this blog I would not be able to keep up in speed the way I think ought to be done for a useful blog with the embedded intentions here (My Tweets however are). But if you like to add comments in English: feel free doing so. The day My english is better the blog will be converted. And as I see it: in the global times we live in that would be resonable.

In midtime: please use the translator-service on the side of the blog. It is actually not that bad.

There is an anomaly to be noticed by that however. The blog happen to be extremely interested in what is happening globally. It is also claimed that one of the big drivers for actually creating this blog is to increase our interest in global action (other reasons are issues like ”let us consider markets”, ”follow technology”, “we should try to go for creative thinking when it comes to management” and ”lets test hands-on-observations” – just to mention a few). All this, at least I myself, have to be rememeberd upon from time to time.

So in that sense the blog as such actually should be in English. The only excuse for sticking to Swedish here, at least so far, is that I am working on it.

My name is Henrik Blomgren, and at KTH an English versions of my CV, Bio etc is possible to find. And you can also find a consultancy profile at LinkedIn. The adress is henrik.blomgren@indek.kth.se. My personal website can be found at henrikblomgren.com.

Welcome to join.

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